Actress Joke Jigan Gets Engaged To Her Boyfriend

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Actress Joke Jigan Gets Engaged To Her Boyfriend

Actress Joke Jigan Gets Engaged To Her Boyfriend

Anyways, our beloved Nollywood actress, Joke Jigan is already rounding up the year with a surprise of getting engaged to her boyfriend Jeg.The excited lady who thanked her boyfriend for giving her a Christmas surprise took to social media to reveal her engagement to her boyfriend……Actress Joke Jigan Gets Engaged To Her Boyfriend 

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She wrote:

When u popped the question I thought I was going to die!!! I mean u took me to location to shoot earlier today and we were cool I was shocked when u asked me to dress up for dinner because I was dead tired , u invited my best friends , took me to somewhere Ive never been to in my life , u gave me a huge Xmas surprise 2day ago and I thought that was it for the year !Jeg!!!!! God will continue to bless you and forever put a smile on your face!!!! Am still in shock and when my brother told me he went with u to buy the ring and told me how much I almost fainted God will bless u baby u always go out of your way to put a smile on my face ! Jesus!!! Even my friends are still in shock that u could pull through without their support!! I love you my king!!!!!! God bless u for me my support system, my mister fix it Merry Xmas lovers!!!!

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