CEO Of Friendite Talks About Legacy

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CEO Of Friendite Talks About Legacy

CEO Of Friendite Talks About Legacy

CEO of friendite global limited Okeke Emmanuel Emeka today talks about legacy and the need to leave a good legacy, even thou you are dead your legacy still lives on. look at what he wrote on his facebook wall….CEO Of Friendite Talks About Legacy

Honestly it doesn’t matter how much money you make while you are here but how much impact you made and the legacy you leave behind when you are gone.I don’t want to make the whole money in the world but I want to fulfill my destiny by God and stand beside a beautiful woman as my wife and look down on my awesome children and say “am glad I’ve made you all proud”For what matters most in this world is not money but the legacy you leave behind.Serving God has been the best gift I have ever received in my life and I will do it again and again and again in a heartbeat..When its right I will leave here but not unfilled.

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Thats very interesting and really educative, thats not just an an advice but a thought of mind, think about it and correct your foot steps to leave good legacy behind.

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