Christmas Tree Made With Plastic Bottles

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Christmas Tree Made With Plastic Bottles

Christmas Tree Made With Plastic Bottles

In the Mozambique’s capital Maputo lies an innovation, by environmental-friendly enthusiasts, that could help resolve the puzzle surrounding climate issues. It was created by schoolchildren using 7,000 plastic bottles… Christmas Tree Made With Plastic Bottles.

In a country where recycling is still a reality, the first steps are being taken by environmental clubs like the one at the Maxaquene Comprehensive Primary School in Maputo.

Teacher Inacio Joaquim says his student initially only saw garbage when he asked them to create things out of household waste.

Fashion From Pure Water Sachets And Plastic Bottles

But later, they started separating their rubbish, giving rise to the seven-metre Christmas tree, which stands on the roundabout opposite the Museum of Natural History.

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