Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones

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Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones

Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones

Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones. Walking along the road that leads to St. Joseph The Worker, a Church at Awka, I saw clusters of businesses predominantly running salon services. In what has become a melting pot, now men have a say in the beauty terrain, contrary to initial perception – only females being in forefront in hair styling. Back then, one could think its all female show. Not only the men are making headway into offering beauty treatment, they seem to outshine their female counterparts in number of clients per day as now male beauticians are preferable to female ones by the ladies…Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones.

Obaino, who first started as a barber but dived into the female hair because of more money, said the success story lies in the ability of men to put more interest in their work knowing their future depends on it, unlike some female beauticians who give less zeal because they hope on their men. Obaino is the founder of Genesis A.K.A Obaino Salon. He said:

We put much interest in making their hair(s) reason, because all our needs is(are) inside this work, you understand, we try to give you the best so you go bring more friends because you know, our car(s) is(are) here, our marriage(s) is(are) here, our building(s) is(are) here, our everything is there; so that’s why we put much attention on making their hair to be fine more than any other person(s), because you know we need more people in other to make more money so that’s the reason, unlike those girls that do make hair and hope that in the evening they would receive call base on boyfriend thing. They have another thing doing so they believe whether I(they) do it or not, they got(get) to make their money some where else. 

I met Queen, who was fully clad with what seems to be a woman’s pride – hair; at Obaino Salon. She would rather prefer male beauticians to female ones, who are not down to earth and tend to do the hair in a hurry. Not going against the topic – Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones, she said:

I prefer the male beauticians to dress my hair than the female ones…because the male ones were(are) down to earth, like they take time to do your hair unlike the female ones, most at times they do rush.

Asked if she had been to a female beautician before, she replied:

Yes I’ve been there before…like, I don’t like the kind of service I got there…most of them, not all, don’t do it(wash the hair) gently.

Another female customer, Chinelo, was vocal about her choice. For her; punctuality, seriousness and humility make her long for a male beautician. “They are punctual and serious with there work“, she added. Chinelo who also said majority of her friends enjoy the services of male hair dressers, narrated the experience that changed her mind. She said:

Like the last two months(three months) I told a lady(female beautician) I want to fix my hair, that it’s by 8(8.00 am) and once it’s 10(10.00am) I’m going somewhere else. She said OK no problem that she will meet me up by 8.00 am. So the next morning I came there, I called her,  (I said to her) I thought we agreed on 8 o’clock, so why (are) you not here? She was like…she is busy, she is this, she is that…I said OK no problem. I waited hours, two hours, she didn’t show up. So I just left. Immediately I was going, I saw her coming. I said that there is no need again that where I am going to I was late. She was like…she was apologizing and all that. I told her I can’t come back again. At a point, she said I should go…after all that she has other customers to attain to. So the thing really pissed me off, so I left…but if it’s a guy like Obaino…he…he is this kind of person. He doesn’t allow his customers to just go like that even if the customer, like they say customers are always right, even if the customer is kind of insulting him and all that, he tends to like bring the customer low and tends to apologize and at the end of everything the customer will still stay back.

A female beautician named Mrs. Olivia, owner of Olivie Beauty World Salon, seemed not to oppose; rather she plainly agreed to the opinion – Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones, because they have passion and zeal for the job.

If the guys want learn now, they do put more interest more than the girls. Girls have so many things that distract them…they may not give enough interest to learning the stuff (to) make it professional. But guys…they will put their heart, put their strength, put everything to get what they want, because some of them believe they gonna travel out of the country. So they will learn with all their heart and all their…more than girls and when they learn they become perfect. And too guys are more creative than girls…because they concentrate more than girls…you know we girls have many things that distract us, many things…like fashion…you know…so many things unlike guys…guys are far far better than girls…when they learn skills. 

The saying that like charges repel while unlike ones attract might not be applicable to science only. Even the beauty salon can’t separate itself from the coulomb’s law. Obaino, without allowing the laughter of people around to deter him, also said the female clients prefer the male beauticians because it’s all about opposite sex. He said:

You know it’s opposite sex actually, girls of this generation like things being sexy. That’s the language they do use, everything sexy sexy. They believe when you are touching their hair, they feel comfortable and they feel tipsy… you know. 

Moreover, Mrs. Olivia echoed that same attraction that seems to get the beauty seekers crawling back to the salons run by males. Though, she didn’t give full approval of men being beauticians.

There is…no much thing to talk about. Just that they say (unlike charges attract) Like in this kind of situation now, you know, number one; girls like petting, understand, girls like…when you pet them…and you know the guys in this kind of our job…know that the secret of girls is petting. The girls will like to go to guys in the sense that guys will pet them, call them pet names, lovely names…that kind of stuffs and you know, that’s what girls like. Actually, that’s the main reason why girls prefer guys because most girls(female beauticians) are hard kind of. As in, most girls that are in this business; some are hard, some have high voice and…they hardly tolerate…but for guys, they can tolerate to any level just to get what they want…so I think, that was(is) the main reason why girls prefer guys…I don’t prefer guys doing this kind of job. Is it this kind of job you will use to train your family?…unless you’re going to open it in a big way then get workers…but for you to come and stay there and be making the hair and feeding your family…(its better to) enter into business and make money…as a guy. And most of the guys doing this job, this kind of job now make them to start behaving like women…behaving like girls and guys don’t need anything like that. 

In contrast, Obaino claimed that men first laid the foundation of the beauty world.

…from the initial stage, the people that even taught us about the model things starting from abroad…(are the men), it’s the male job there. They are the people doing it. It’s the male work over there. But, when it comes to Nigeria; it seems like a female thing…but its’s the male job right from the origin. When we realize it’s our work…we started handling our things, the things that belong to us…we are the people they are making up for, so we know their needs. 

However, my survey wasn’t broad enough to reaching many persons as possible; so its unclear whether everyone would align to the notion – Male Beauticians Preferable To Female Ones.

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Therefore, men not retarding in their quest to conquer all, have found themselves virtually in all fields of life; even in some ventures that tend to change their status quo. Nevertheless, some might see them as outsiders inside the salon, they still hold their head high as their services are being sought after more than that of their female counterparts, thanks to the increasing patronage by the beauty seekers – who feel comfortable and relaxed in the hands of male beautician(s). So, male beauticians preferable to female ones shouldn’t raise much of eyebrows.

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