Ogor Joan Friendite Staff In Search Of New Date

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Ogor Joan Friendite Staff In Search Of New Date

Ogor Joan Friendite Staff In Search Of New Date

Ogor Joan, a staff of friendite global limited, in FrienditeTv department has finally made up her mind  to go in search of a new date, after her ex-boyfriend broke her heart which she shared previously on her facebook…….Ogor Joan Friendite Staff In Search Of New Date

Here is what she wrote before-

I told you my pain,and you pretended to understand but you were actually mocking me with them!!!!! Hmmm you said you loved me but in actual words,it was just a sentence, i gave you my all and you called them bullshitz*cool*….You said you were real,I looked closer but I saw a fake being…….*interesting*, you unfriended me *super cool* you deleted my number *thumps up* it just a matter of time i promise you,you will search for me but you will not see me, i will sit close to you but it will take you years to approach me,you will Google my name just to get my address yes I said so!!! Every unfriendly frd in my life I will not tell you to change NO but am giveing you time to leave or I will KILL YOU.

So today she decided to finally let go of the past and go in search of a new date,shes putting all effort in getting a new date, This is what she wrote today on her facebook timeline.

Post ma pishur on ur page for 3 days nd tag me,the person wit d highest likes goes on a date wit me.oya oooooo let d game begin.

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