Panic In Schools Over Sudden Vaccination

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Panic In Schools Over Sudden Vaccination

Panic In Schools Over Sudden Vaccination

Earlier yesterday at Nnewi in Anambra State, people were thrown into panic mode as rumors of “Sudden Vaccination” in schools circulated like wildfire… Panic In Schools Over Sudden Vaccination.

Footage of some students were seen thronging out of the classrooms thus running helter skelter; with some, that made their way out of the school premises, risking their lives on the expressway. Also, the rattled parents were seen rushing to get their kids out of schools against all odds.

In some schools, the entrance gate were locked to calm the situation but pressure from parents forced the gate(s) open.

According to the rumor, the incident started in a named school at Umudim Nnewi, when some men stormed the school to deliver unannounced vaccination.

However, it’s unclear if the claim is true as one female teacher at Anglican Girls Secondary School at Nnewi, who spoke unanimously, said: “It’s just rumor.

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