Social Media Not Fully Utilized – Anambra Polls

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Social Media Not Fully Utilized

Social Media Not Fully Utilized – Anambra Polls

The Anambra State Gubernatorial Election is already in full swing as the the D-day continues to draw close. The aspirants are thus scrambling for supporters but some have neglected the powerful tool of our time, “The Social Media”,  that connects to multitude of people… Social Media Not Fully Utilized.

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This was echoed by Emmanuel Okeke, Friendite Boss. According to him;

 Just like I said before, I told you guys that Osita Chidoka has a strong media presence. I just woke up to a “like” from his Facebook page to one of my posts on Facebook.

Anambra State doesn’t even have a Facebook page, neither does our governor has, Ifeanyi Aniagoh can’t be the only social media team working. Anambra Broadcasting Service – ABS are also doing a good job but that’s what we expect from them though.

There’re 3 condidates I will love to work with and that’s Osita Chidoka because of his strong media presence (now he needs get some bloggers dropping stories on him as fast as possible, his Facebook work is awesome already)

I will love to work with His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano not because of his media presence (With all the money he has he couldn’t afford enough media guru’s online, that’s sad). I will work with him because he has made Awka beautiful and I believe he will do more.

Next I will go for Obaze, although his social media presence sucks badly, I didn’t even know he was a condidate until I Googled him on Wikipedia (his blogging team are doing medium job), his media team need a good strategy and very fast. I have not seen a video of him addressing the youths in any forum. ( I will work with him because he has Peter Obi who’s a brilliant man behind him)

Tony Nwoye strongly need a media team, without that he can’t achieve anything, he has the money no doubt, but from the looks of things his media team might be sleeping.
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