Uber Has Over 1M Active Users In Africa

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Uber Has Over 1M Active Users In Africa

Uber Has Over 1M Active Users In Africa

Data from ride-hailing app Uber says that South Africa and Kenya are its most lucrative markets in Africa…Uber Has Over 1M Active Users In Africa.

South Africa ranks first with 969,000 active riders, while Kenya in second place, has 363,000 active users.

Both countries have experienced violent protests against Uber, mostly by taxi drivers, who accuse it of unfair competition.

The company launched its operations on the continent four years ago.

The data which was released by the company on Thursday says there are 12,000 and 5,000 Uber drivers in South Africa and Kenya, respectively.

Uganda and Tanzania have 48,000 and 53,000 active riders respectively, with each country signing-up 1,000 drivers.

Ghana and Nigeria have 140,000 and 267,000 active riders respectively with about 7,000 drivers using the Uber app in Nigeria while Ghana has 3,000.

The data shows that there are 1.8 million active Uber users in Africa.

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Uber’s General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, said the service has allowed people to have flexible working hours:

Drivers love being as flexible as they like; earning what they want, when they want to supplement their income.

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